ARrimOne is the worlds first AR multi-functional measuring device. 

Turn your smart phone or tablet into a professional measuring tool.


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I am a masonry supply salesmen by day and was looking for a product to help my customers more accurately estimate, measure, and bid projects. I came across ARrim ONE when it was in its “kickstarter” phase and invested a small amount of money towards the idea. Low and behold a few years later, a functioning product showed up on my doorstep! I was so impressed with its capabilities, ease of use, and potential to make so many professionals lives easier, I contacted the developers to see if they were in need of a partner to promote this amazing tool. They saw my passion for the product and took me on as a team member! Thanks in advance for your interest in this revolutionary product!! 


”The ARrim One has to be one of the best tools I have been introduced to recently. This little, inexpensive device has saved me an incomprehensible amount of time when inspecting and scoping a job. What does it do? The Arrim 1 is a measuring tool that uses A.R technology to assist in measuring areas quickly. Personally I use this tool for measuring interior floor plans and can knock them out in minutes, and the best part is you can actually import the floor plan sketch straight into Xactimate. I have also seen some guys use this tool to measure ROOFS, SIDING ELEVATIONS, FENCE LINES, etc. There is a 3D function that takes scaled pics for later measurement in-app, this tool does so much.  I was introduced to this tool by a very cool dude named Scott Wilson. Scott is a top teir sales rep for Arrim 1 and knows a lot about the tool.

Cole Kline, Owner, Hope Adjusters

I was searching for a more professional and time efficient way to lay out floor plans for commercial properties vs hand sketching. ARrim One generates floor plans in .jpg format that look professional and are able to be emailed to my potential clients, not to mention the time saved vs hand measuring and sketching properties!

Mark Koenig, Koenig Group, Owner/Broker

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